Nowadays, there are a number of advanced technologies are available and some of them incredibly make things simple for you. You may know that to develop even a simple functionality, there are a variety of technologies are available. However, not all, but some of them are popular ones.

With the advancement in technology, a lot of new technologies came out. Mean stack is one of the new amazing technologies for developing cutting-edge mobile apps. It is widely used and liked by a lot of big app development companies. MEAN is open-source, so the developers easily get good support from experts across the world. MEAN Stack includes amazing features for the app and web development projects, and a MEAN Stack Development Company USA can best utilize its features effectively.

The full name of MEAN is the MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, – all are JavaScript-based technologies. Let’s discuss what advantages one can get when using MEAN Stack, and when you hire MEAN Stack Developers UK, you are capable to use it as one of the strongest weapons for building extraordinary mobile apps and websites:

Isomorphic Coding is possible with MEAN

MEAN stack allows you to transfer the code to another framework that is written in one particular framework easily. This feature makes it the best in its category. When you use MEAN, you can get benefitted by the same features and functionality of Javascript. For example, if you write code for Node and later find that it is more suitable for in AngularJS, you can easily move it over. You can see that apps that are developed using MEAN stack are flexible. On the other hand, developers also do not need expertise in multiple languages except Java, to use the MEAN stack. Knowledge of a single language (JavaScript), can help developers handle the complete project effectively using the MEAN stack formula.

JSON everywhere

JSON is used for AngularJS and Node JS. MongoDB, the technology of MEAN stack also allows you to save documents in JSON format. MongoDB is able to communicate with Javascript notations effectively. The downside of MongoDB is that it is not suitable for large businesses; it just can be used for small projects. Most app developers go for MEAN Stack as and when they need it at several stages of app and web development because of its flexibility and benefits.

Open Source

Perhaps you know that MEAN Stack is open source and free to use. Therefore, you can get your development task done at a comparatively low cost using this technology. Developers also get good support if they stuck somewhere when working using the community. The best part of open source technologies is their community, you can find in their huge community a number of top app web developers discussing the issues they come across to get resolutions from other experts in the community across the globe.

Highly Flexible

MEAN let you test an app on a cloud platform with ease, once you are done successfully with a development process. You can easily develop, test and maintain the apps on the cloud. It also allows you to include extra information, just by adding the field to your form. So, if your project demands to implement cloud functionalities within the app, MongoDB is a perfect choice to go for as it is specially designed for the cloud and offers comprehensive support and automatic replication.

AngularJS as frontend

AngularJS is an open-source client-side Javascript framework which is gradually becoming popular nowadays. Many app developers prefer the language to power the front end of projects. AngularJS is basically being used for front end integration because it assists in solving many problems when developing reusable, maintainable or testable client-side apps powered by Javascript. AngularJS framework includes robust directives that advance into domain-specific language, making functionality highly testable and reusable.


When you choose MEAN stack for developing your apps, you will need the developers who are just proficient at JavaScript, whereas other frameworks demand the knowledge of multiple languages to get started, let’s say, LAMP stack needs developers who are expert in MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP. Therefore, the cost also reduces as you do not need to hire many developers. So, MEAN stack is actually cost-effective and at times it is the perfect solution to meet your needs.

High speed and reusability

Node.js is fast because of its non-blocking architecture. Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that provides maintenance, testability, and reusability. Robust directives of this framework step forward into great testability and domain-specific language.

Cloud Compatible

MongoDB helps to set up cloud functionalities within the app by simplifying the things and minimizing the disk space cost. Also, the included MEAN stack technologies are open source and therefore free to use. It assists the development process using libraries and public repositories and minimizes the development cost.

MEAN stack is rapidly growing, easy to collaborate around and easy to learn. The technologies available in Stack can be used with ease in integration with another, depending on the need. Undoubtedly, it is certainly advanced technology that will possibly power the market in the near future.

Also, MEAN stack developers are in great demand due to its amazing advantages. It is also cost-effective for large-scale businesses and startups. Just like each technology has its own advantages and downsides as well, you do not need to be a slave of the acronym. Any technology used in the stack can be used in combination with others as per the need. However, you can choose the MEAN stack, if you need a stack that is speedily improving, simple to use and easy to learn. You can hire Mean Stack Developers UK to use the goodness of MEAN technologies to give more power to your development project.

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