Nowadays people have become more health-conscious and due to this, the demand for fitness and Gym apps is on hype. To take advantage of this, enterprises are introducing smart apps in the market. To uplift the life of fitness freak users, these apps provide the best diet plan and exercise plan at the fingertips. Being easy to use and handy, these apps are ruling the fitness industry. The apps also provide small details like the total number of steps walked and calories burned, distance traveled, and a lot many things.

Fitness App Market Revenue

According to some reports, the market for fitness app is increasing very fast. It is expected that by 2022 the fitness app industry will hit the market by more than $4000 million. So if you are planning to develop a fitness app, then this is the best time to invest in the fitness industry.

Development Cost of Health App


Understand the basics of on-demand fitness training app – Analysis

Fitness App Development Approach

The cost of developing an app depends on the methodology or the approach being used for development. For developing a fitness app within an affordable price, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Application Type

The most important factor to look out before developing a fitness app. There are various types of fitness apps like workout apps, fitness tracking apps, and healthy eating apps are available in the market. So you must have a brief knowledge of each type of app before choosing anyone.

Development Partner

To make a high-quality app in budget cost, you need to hire skilled and experienced developers. Various Mobile App Development companies in the market can help you in building a high-quality fitness app at a moderate rate.


Now after successfully building a fitness app for your business, you have to promote it. As building an app is not enough, you must make it popular in the market by promotions and advertisements.

Types of Fitness Apps

There are different types of fitness applications available in the market. Some apps help in maintaining a balanced diet, some provide workout and sports training, and some are healthy eating apps.

Types of Fitness App Development Company

Healthy Eating Apps

The main objective of this app is to increase the impact of physical exercises that are feeble without a proper diet. The app provides details about various exercises with a proper diet plan. In addition to this, details about side effects and advantages of various exercises are also mentioned in the app. One important feature of these types of apps is a bar code scanner. This feature allows the users the analyze the product they buy by scanning the bar code of the product. The app reads the barcode and shows the details of the product.

Workout Apps

The most popular fitness app model amongst the youngsters is the workout fitness app. The workout apps offer sets of various services with audio clips, video lessons and many more. In addition to this, users can also plan or schedule sports activities with the help of this app. You can also connect wearable fitness devices with these apps for synchronizing your daily workout with the app. Workout apps come in various formats:

Personal workout apps

Workout scheduler apps

Apps compatible with wearing devices

Activity Tracking App

Health / Fitness App Development

These apps do not play any role in controlling the workout processor in providing details about diet plans. Tracking apps basically monitors the daily activity of users like calorie counting, sleep record, total distance walked, etc. These apps are for people who look after their fitness and health.

Features of Fitness Apps

Since there are various fitness apps, each app has its own set of features and functionalities. But there are some features which are common in each fitness app. So here is a list of features that you must include in your app to make it unique from others.

User Profile

This section contains all the personal information of the user like age, weight, height, blood group, etc. This data helps in analyzing the user’s achievement correctly.

Social Network Integration

Social media platform integration within the app is one of the main reasons behind the success of every app. Almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and users will be happy in sharing their achievements with their friends on social media.

 Connectivity with Wearable Devices

Health App Development Cost Estimation

The world is full of smart wearables like Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Fitbit. These wearables allow users to connect with fitness and gym apps to track their daily exercises and workouts. Integrating the wearable connectivity feature in your app will surely help the users to keep a record of their achievements.

Daily Summary

This feature provides complete status and a summary of the day. Users can visualize the daily summary for planning upcoming exercises. The best part of this feature is that the summary is explained in the form of graphs and statistics.

Manage Daily Workouts

This feature is beneficial for youngsters who prefer daily workouts. They can easily monitor the time and hours of daily workouts. Users can use this feature workout daily within the scheduled time, as well as they can also play songs in the background just with a single tap.

Live Chat for Diet Suggestion

The reason why users download this kind of app is the feature of diet suggestion with live chat or video call. Users can ask experts for a good diet or eating plan that boosts good health.

Overview of Cure.Fit

Cure. Fit is a fitness app that allows users a productive way for a healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in Bangalore, it is a popular health care and fitness app that helps you to develop healthy habits for achieving your health goals.

Key features of Cure.Fit app:

Cult, eat, mind and care fitness are the four major features of the Cure.Fit app.

Eat. Fit

  • Calorie counted by experts for every meal.

  • Balanced meals with proteins, vitamins, fats, and other nutrients.

  • Rich quality food with a multi-level check of vegetables and fruits.


  • Offers physical fitness services

  • Services offered are yoga, workout, running, boxing, dancing, and many more.

  • Offers workout sessions in Cult. Fit studio or at home with DIY videos using the app.


  • Offers mental fitness solutions

  • A variety of sessions offered including meditation, yoga, and therapy.

  • Reducing stress, improving immunity, boost confidence, reducing anxiety are some advantages of Mind.Fit app.

Care. Fit

  • Acts as a personal doctor.

  • Offers on-demand health services like doctor consultation, health checkups with managed health care plans.

  • Advanced digital health care platform.

Team Structure for fitness Application Development

As the technology is advancing at a rapid pace, you need a team of proficient developers who have immense knowledge in developing fitness apps with all required and robust features.

Project Manager

Backend Developers

UX/UI Designers

Frontend Developers

Android App Developers

iOS App Developers


QA Professionals

Time Required to Develop a Fitness App

Since the fitness app contains multiple features, the time needed to develop a fitness app is quite long. Calculating the exact time of app development is not possible but an approximation is always possible.

Business Analysis + Design Prototypes: up to 60 hours

Design Part: up to 80 hours

Development Stage: about 400 hours (for iOS)

About 480 hours (for Android)

Back-end Development: more than 400 hours

Testing Stage: up to 80 hours

Development Cost of Fitness App

The hourly rate of development begins from 25$/hour and goes up to 150$/hour, depending on the features, services, and the type of development partner you are choosing. So the average rate of developing an MVP fitness app for iOS platform starts at $15,000 and goes up to $93,500. For the Android platform, the development of the same type of app starts from $17,000 and goes up to $105,500.

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