Tech stack is nothing but the blend of web technologies, tools, and languages that help build apps and websites. The technology stack has two main client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend) components. Today, you have a great number of choices of tech stacks and it’s pretty complicated to choose the one amongst all.

However, you can select the one which suits you best. It is not just about creating a smooth running app; you also need to take care of another aspect like scalability, maintenance, and security of the app. Since it’s an important decision and impacts your business in various ways, prepare a foolproof plan before choosing the tech stack for your project. For instance, if you are hiring a Laravel development company uk, you must know how it can help you with your needs before you make your choice.

How to choose a technology stack for web application development

Choosing a Tech Stack for your Application –

There are many popular tech stacks available, considering the below factors can help you choose the right one.

Type of Project

What technology stack to choose majorly depends on the type of your project.

Small projects

If you need to complete a small-sized project in less time, you can always go for simple solutions. You can select easy to use stacks such as CMS or WordPress, they are really helpful particularly when the project needs to meet a strict deadlines.

Medium-sized projects

When it comes to a medium-sized, probably a variety of features and functionality needs to be integrated. So, you can go for a combination of programming languages. You can generally use the Java and C# programming languages.

Complex projects

Complex projects demand a variety of features and functions. So, you need to use different programming languages and web technologies. These kinds of projects can be social network platforms, big e-commerce stores and more.
Now, another important aspect is to take care of is your business goal. It is very important to choose the technology stack as per the goal of your business because the chosen technology directly influences your business goals. For instance, if your goal is to offer a seamless customer experience, you need to choose a framework that can support your processing load and make your app highly responsive.

Team’s Expertise and Knowledge Base

When you have chosen your technology as per your needs and functionalities it offers, you are not done yet. You still have to check it with your developer team if they are comfortable with it. If your team cannot go with it effectively, it is going to not serve your purpose. So, considering your teams’ expertise is as important as the chosen technology stacks, to ensure the success of your project.

Time to Market (TTM)

It is true that your planning for the launch of the product depends on the chosen technology. It is because if you have chosen a tech stack that can offer you an innovative app with amazing features, the process of development will take a larger time. Also, if your project demands some functionality from third-party solutions, then select a tech stack that makes it possible for smooth integration. This easier the process of adding the features that you require for your app.


Scalability means the capability of the app to deal with the increased load. With time, as the user increases, the app must include such features that can help handle the growth spurt smoothly and flawlessly. So, while choosing the technology stack, you need to take care that the chosen language will easily put up the future growth of the app. Growth can be in terms of increased traffic or launching new products and services. So, the app should be ready for both ways. It must allow you to add some new features and be capable of handle the huge traffic coming to it.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of your app includes debugging and basic architecture. If your codebase is lengthy, it takes a lot of time to process and if the syntax and codes are short, then debugging accurately is pretty tough. Therefore, choosing a programming language that can be easily maintained and reused is always good.

Cost of Development

Today, there are a lot of popular stacks and frameworks are open source and available for free to use. However, to access their advanced features you have to subscribe to them by submitting some fee. So, before selecting a stack, you must check with the overall cost of it, and whether it suits your budget.

You need to choose a stack which perfectly suits you perfectly for the present as well as future requirements. Just following successful brands’ choice may not bring you success. It is not necessary that if a brand doing great with CakePHP development company the UK, can do wonders for you as well. You must find out what is your requirement and then accordingly choose the stack that fits your needs.