The food delivery industry is the new trend in the market. the on-demand market is increasing at a huge level and food delivery apps are the future for restaurants. So if you are looking to develop a food delivery app kick start your business then it is the right time.

Although there are already many food delivery apps likes Uber Eats, GrubHub, Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda. So the competition is bigger and hard. But if you want to keep your business one step ahead then there are some features that your app must-have.

Must-Have Features Of On-Demand Food Delivery App

Now like other on-demand delivery apps admin panel and user panel are the basic features of the app. But since a delivery executive is required to deliver the food, you need to develop a driver panel also. It may sound a little bit typical to develop, read the blog till the end to understand about must-have features of the app.

The User Panel/App

 The most important feature of the admin panel is to find the restaurant with a good quality of food and less delivery time. But there are other features also which make our app more flexible for user:-

Sign Up/Login

This is the most basic feature of every app, the user must create a new account. Providing feature of logging in with social media credentials will make the app more flexible for user.

Nearby Restaurant List

Providing a list of nearby restaurants and cafes with discount offers will help the user to order food with less delivery time.

Exploring Restaurants

Providing a search bar in the app will help the users to search for their favorite cafes and restaurants to order food of their choice.

Editing/Managing Profile

Users can add personal details like email, name, mobile number or adding a new address or editing the old address in their profile.

Multiple Payment Options

The app must provide various payment integration gateways like paying through credit/debit card, eWallet apps like Google Pay, Paytm along with Cash On Delivery option.

View Cart

Users can view the items they have selected to order in the cart and if they want, they can add more or remove selected items directly from the cart. They can also add items in the cart for future use.

Premium Membership

Users can buy premium monthly or yearly membership to avail additional features, discounts, and offers from the app.

Real-Time Status

Users can track the status of the order, expected ETA, and delivery executive on the map by real-time analytics directly from the app.


This feature makes the app more flexible by allowing users to reorder any previously ordered item just by a few taps.

Scheduling Order

The app will be more flexible if it will allow users to schedule orders for a particular time and place.

Rate and Review

By allowing users to give feedback on restaurant and delivery executives, users can share their experience with the admin.

Help & Support

The feature of virtual bots for support will help the user for resolving their queries fast and easily. Users can also register complaints related to the quality of food or about the restaurant.

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The Driver App

Although the driver app is not as functional as the user app. but there are some basic functionalities and features that the driver app must-have.


Before accessing the app, the driver must register himself through social media or by providing various details like name, address, license number, vehicle registration number.

Accepting/Rejecting Order

Now drivers can easily get the updates and details about all the current orders and they can select or reject the order as per their convenience.

Order Status

The delivery executive has to give time to time update about waiting and order picked up to the user.

In-App Navigation

The app must provide an in-app navigation feature so that the driver can easily deliver the order within less time.


The driver can select the time according to them for the service. They can mark themselves online and offline whenever they want.

Payment Integration

Apart from cash on delivery, the driver must have other payment also for receiving money from the user.


Not only the user but the driver should also be able to give ratings and feedback to the restaurant.

The Admin App

The admin panel is the key factor for the business owners. It is a web-based app to manage all processes like managing customers, live tracking of the driver, accepting new restaurants, setting prices, etc.


Similarly, like the user and driver, the admin also has to register before accessing the web-based admin portal.

Managing Audience

Only the admin can add a new user, driver or restaurant for service. or can delete/block the older ones.

Managing Orders

Admin can view all the details about the all ongoing order and assign it to the driver nearest to both restaurants and users.

Offers and Discounts

In order to maintain the loyalty of users, the admin has to provide time to time offers and discounts to the users.

Push Notification

Admin can send details about new updates, discounts and offers to users through email, SMS or Message alerts.

Financial Accounting

Admin decides the delivery fee, and also keeps a track of all the profit and earnings by app analysis.

Real-Time Analytics

The admin manages the growth of the business by keeping a real-time analysis of all the orders and payment history.

Average Cost of Developing an On-Demand Food Delivery App

Developing a basic on-demand food delivery app will cost approximately $15,000-$20,000. But if you want to develop an on-demand food delivery app like Siwggy or Zomato then it will cost around $26000 for an iOS app and $27000 for an Android one. We can develop a food delivery app for you with the most advanced features in a budget cost.

License fee: $300

App hosting fee: $99/app

Developer fees: $7000 (developer with average skills)

Average Cost of Developing an On-Demand Food Delivery Website

Developing a website for online food delivery is not a difficult task. But it is time-consuming as there are some factors that need more time for development.

Admin Panel Up to 30 hours
Booking Delivery Up to  32 hours
Delivery Status Up to  40 hours
Push Notification Up to 48 hours
Payment Processing Up to 50 hours
Overall Timing 1400 to 2400 hours

Cost also depends on the rate of the developer. Basically cost ranges from $28,000 at &10-$20 per hour to $360,000 at $150-200 per hour. We can develop a website with interactive and easy to use UI/UX within a budget price.

Benefit Of On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Online Table Reservation

There are various food delivery apps that are also connected to nearby restaurants. Users can check the availability of tables in various restaurants and can also reserve tables through the app.

Location-Based Deals

The app helps users to view nearby deals and offers. This feature makes the app more flexible and convenient for the user. Each time, when a restaurant provides new discounts, the user is notified through a push notification.

Answer for Every Question

People usually have questions and queries related to the quality of food. The app contains questions, FAQ’s of every answer related to a particular restaurant. this helps them choose a restaurant with good service.

Social Media Sharing

Users can easily post photos of food on directly social media through the app. This helps in the growth and promotion of the app to reach a wider audience.

Digital Menu Card

The app allows users to place an order in a few taps by the digital menu card. This makes the app highly convenient and flexible by providing a hassle-free order placing the facility to users.

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