Cryptocurrency wallet development

To make trading, liquidate, and purchasing easier, we offer secure and interactive cryptocurrency and Bitcoin app development services. Just mention your requirements, and we will cater to your needs with our best efforts.

Prepaid mobile wallet app development

To make payments mood and faster, businesses depend on seamless wallet application. This is where we step in with our robust and top-notch prepaid mobile app development service to make the transactions more convenient.

Merchant mobile wallets

Offer a seamless checkout experience to your users with our Merchant mobile wallet apps. We integrate advanced features such as cost splitting, automated clearinghouse, invoice generation to assure that you build a sustainable relationship with your customers.

Custom e-wallet application development

Our development team works hard to create custom e-wallet applications with advanced features. Our applications are customized as per your requirements to pay only for the features you pick.

The Latest Tech

Team4solutions are always updated with the latest technology and trends to deliver result-oriented solutions. Applications integrated with the latest technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain ensure high security.

Blockchain technology is a well-known term in today's world and is used for different business applications apart from financial transactions. Blockchain ensures transparency by improving the security and speed of information exchange.

In simple words, augmented reality is the integration of digital data on top of real-world objects. Still being in the development state, augmented reality is bringing use innovation in the mobile app technology landscape.

Artificial intelligence improves user engagement and generates insights into customer behaviour in the application. To enhance the user experience, it offers the exact information the user is looking for.

The IoT applications enable control of the products that are integrated with IoT sensors. The products can be monitored through custom mobile applications designed especially for those products.

Cloud computing is an internet-based development technology that is brought use innovation in the deployment and development of IT services. Through cloud computing, all the IT infrastructure, control, and management details are abstracted from the user.

Fintech application development is bringing waves of innovation in the financial industry. Born from the merging of technology and finance, fintech is now one of the most grown sectors in the world.

Why Team4solution for e-wallet app development?

Our developers work 24/7 to deliver result-oriented mobile wallet applications that will take your business to new heights.

  • Smooth payments

    Our wallet applications are free from technical glitches and bugs to ensure smooth and secure payments anytime, anywhere.

  • Secure Transactions

    We assure you that there are no loopholes in your wallet applications to secure and save the transaction process.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Our mobile e-wallet applications have an interactive and flexible user interface for your clients to get an enhanced experience while using the app.

  • Easy to Use

    We avoid the integration of complex features in the mobile wallet application so that users and merchants can easily use the payment portal.

  • Flexible Time Management

    Our professional developers integrate a time management feature in the mobile wallet application that reminds the user about the due bills and recharge dates.

  • Highly discoverable

    To ensure the payment processes are easy and transparent, all the transactions made through the app add a link to a single entity.

How Mobile Wallet Applications Work?

Here are the steps that show how mobile wallet applications work.


Register and add a bank account

  • Firstly users have to create an account in the mobile wallet application, and then they have to connect to the respective bank account from which they will make the transactions.

Transfer and request funds

  • Once the bank is added, users can easily carry out transferring and requesting funds from the mobile wallet application without any hassle and problem.

Recharge and pay bills

  • Mobile wallet applications and not only restricted to transferring and sending funds. It also allows the user to pay due bills or recharge their television and mobile phones  

Getting notifications

  • The application also can enable push notifications that alert the user about new offers, cashback, and deals.

Payment at Shopping Center

  • With the mobile wallet applications, users can directly pay for the bills at shopping malls, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.

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Our motive is to provide you with satisfying services, in order to meet this objective, we offer you an opportunity to hire developers on a part time, hourly, and full time basis. As per your requirement hire industry experts from us as per your convenience.

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There is no doubt that mobile wallets are much more secure and safe than traditional payment methods such as cash or credit cards. considering customer Protection an important factor, mobile wallets are launched in the market with enhanced services and security features. The funds of customers are stored in separate accounts that offer improved security, which means that only the owner can withdraw the money from it at any moment. Moreover, with KYC security, the wrists off data leaks are also eliminated.
Finding the perfect mobile app development company that can create a mobile application as per your requirement is not an easy task. The rise of mobile usage in the market has resulted in the birth of many start-ups and entrepreneurs. There are so many organizations in the market that promises to deliver the best solution at affordable prices, but only a few are able to fulfill their terms. You can easily contact us and higher professional developers for creating robust mobile wallet applications for your business.
With the continuous growth of mobile applications, the future of digital wallets appears bright. Now the e-wallet applications are integrated with the latest features, you just can easily transfer money from their wallet applications to any bank account. This improvement of wallets it's also penetrating smaller cities to assist in economic development.
A mobile wallet or digital wallet is an automated way of holding different types of confidential details safely including debit cards, gift cards, electronic currencies, tickets, credit cards, and so on. Although words such as mobile wallet, digital wallet, and e-wallet mean the same, take cover different resources somehow.
Calculating the exact cost of developing a mobile application is not possible as there are various factors on which the cost depends. The most common factors that affect the mobile wallet app development cost are platform, features and functionality ease, app design. But if you still want a Ball Park figure, then the wallet app development cost is approximately $38,400.