White-label Logistic Software Solutions for your business

Find plug-and-play solutions providing you a headstart in meeting your business operations faster than ever before. We have a range of diverse solutions that take your logistics management game to several notches up and give you a sharper edge in operations.

Fleet Management Software

Excessive fleet management becomes easy as you get software that helps you instill transparency in the operations. Get fleet management software that reduces your paperwork, and gives you insight on maintenance, service cost, fuel consumption, and more, while helping reduce operational costs.

Logistics On-demand App

Logistics on-demand application that allows customers to meet the right drivers to deliver their cargo to different places. The on-demand app comes with competitive features such as GPS-based location settings, an accurate cost calculator, multiple payment gateways, dedicated driver, admin, and user apps, and more.

Warehouse App

Empower your logistic operations with additional solutions such as warehousing apps that digitize the management of your warehouse. The app has a barcode scanner, cloud integration, superior database management capabilities, and more to increase transparency and efficiency in operations.

Mobile Based Solutions

Dedicated mobile applications development for admin, customer, and driver. This gives you an opportunity to optimize the experience of all the involved stakeholders and offer them convenient features to perform tasks using their Android and iOS smartphones. We provide custom logistic app development solutions.

Bespoke features of our Logistic Software

We are a market-leading logistic software development company that offers you white-label and custom software development solutions to meet your business needs. Our software features and functionalities help you in gaining a superior position in the market and open yourself to unexplored market opportunities.

Our white label software solutions are easily customizable and have simple integration. We also offer you a quick training to start operations as soon as possible.

Integrated with dynamic features such as push notifications, get maximum transparency in the operations by having updates at each stage of the operation.

Seamless communication through integrated chat, and call features, including an AI-enabled chatbot for 24*7 in-app customer care support.

Scalable and cost-effective solutions to meet your growing business need, we plan your software by understanding the in-depth needs of the organization.

Manage your data efficiently through robust data management tools, you can also manage the accessibility to the data to ensure remote working and safety.

Easy market penetration through mobile-based solutions, our products are designed to provide convenience to all the stakeholders in an operation.

Why Choose Team4Solution for Logistics App Development?

Logistics are the backbone of any company, optimal logistic operations help you in optimizing your user experience and improve your supply chain management in general. If you are looking for software solutions. Team4Solution is the right place for you, here are some amazing benefits of working with us.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    We offer flexible pricing plans that allow you to hit a balance between innovation and investment allowing you to hire as per your convenience.

  • Unmatched Support

    We believe in long-term partnership and this shows in our after-deployment support. We have a 24*7 dynamic customer support team.

  • Diverse market expertise

    We have an innate understanding of the business operations of various industries, which ensures industry-specific development and scalability.

  • Scalability

    A budding company requires dynamic logistic software solutions that offer them greater convenience of meeting their growing needs with time.

  • Faster time to market

    White label solutions or custom logistic software development, we make sure there are minimum modifications, almost zero coding errors, and faster deployment.

  • Deploy on server of your choice

    We give you maximum flexibility which implies you can choose between shared, hosted, or cloud servers as per your business need at a nominal fee.

Full-fledged Logistic Software Features

Here are some outstanding features of our logistic software that allow you to meet the needs of all the stakeholders.


Order Management

  • Easy monitoring and tracking of orders from the manufacturing unit to the delivery point. The software is efficient in handling all operations efficiently.

Inventory & Logistics Management

  • Tracking and optimizing your inventory operations helps you meet the logistic challenges easily. This includes barcode, RFID, QR-based system, etc.

Supply chain management

  • Centralized management of supply chain with integrated logistics delivery management system to end-to-end manage the flow of goods and services.

Real-time visibility

  • Immediate real-time visibility at all the touch points in a supply chain that makes you a game-changer in the industry through data-fueled decision making.


  • The integrated predictive analysis offers you insights that help in forecasting upcoming trends and improve the experience through easy tracking of order history.

Seamless Integration

  • Track data, monitor operations in real-time, manage data more efficiently, and ensure seamless working all across various operations throughout the supply chain.

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Our motive is to provide you with satisfying services, in order to meet this objective, we offer you an opportunity to hire developers on a part time, hourly, and full time basis. As per your requirement hire industry experts from us as per your convenience.

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Do you have additional questions?

Depending on your unique needs the software features may vary, however here are some must-have features in a logistic application. 1. Order management 2. Inventory management 3. Warehouse management ● Warehouse design. ● Picking. ● Packing. ● Labor management. 4. Strategic transport planning ● Choosing a shipping method. ● It is connecting to the carrier network. ● We are defining customs fees and documentation for global fulfillment. 5. Transport management ● Delivery management and scheduling. ● Cross-docking. ● Order tracking. ● Transportation accounting. 6. Reverse logistics ● Information tracking. ● Returns status. ● Quality assurance tracking. 7. Logistics analytics ● Freight accruals ● Carrier reports ● KPI reports
Once the logistic software is developed and deployed from our end we provide you with the source code of the application, giving you sole ownership of the product.
Yes, you can hire a product manager to see all the operations happening offshore at our company. They would help you communicate better with the team and make sure the feedback from you is implemented.
Yes, we provide pre and post-support and have a cost-effective product maintenance package.
Team4Solution is one of the market leaders in the on-demand logistic app development domain. We use dependable technology and offer you faster development with the use of proven development methodologies. Reduced time and cost-effective per-hour rates make us one of the most budget-friendly companies to offer your logistics and transport software solutions.
There are various ways in which you can engage with our developers. You can hire developers via three models which are - dedicated team, controlled agile, time, and material model. This gives you maximum convenience to choose the model best-suited for your project.
Logistic apps provide you with streamlined operations. They help you reduce your paperwork while also managing your data efficiently. Integrated solutions such as AI and ML provide you with an accurate forecast of the market which empowers your decision-making. Transparency is rendered through push notifications, GPS-enabled tracking optimizes the experience for users and provides you a deeper insight of your operational challenges and improvises the working even further.
Time taken to develop a logistic software depends on the features of the app and the number of developers working on the project. The more complex the features are the more time-consuming the development work would be. Share your project with our technology experts to get a no-cost estimation for your project.